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At Gazettes we believe in pushing openness in research to foster scientific progress. Beyond embracing individual viewpoints, we actively seek to increase diverse backgrounds among our staff because we know how differences can strengthen our workplace. At Gazettes you’ll find a group of progressive thinkers committed to challenging outdated norms and learning together as we transform science. To meet these commitments, we are looking to expand our Editorial teams.
Gazettes aims to publish the most authoritative, impactful and highest quality articles within the Journal’s scope, identify emerging areas of importance and actively solicit the best work being done in those areas, and promote the scientific exchange of ideas to advance science with the help of Managing Editor. The Managing Editor reports to the Executive Editor and will be evaluated periodically by Gazettes' Board of Directors, using criteria established with the Executive Editor, including strategic direction, metrics, and success of the Journal.

The Managing Editor is responsible for:

Working with Gazettes to develop strategies for editorial development of the Journal, including deploying electronic features available through the Journal website, developing plans and strategies to attract the most impactful science in support of the Journal’s Impact Factor and other success metrics, and attending strategy and planning web conferences;
Maintaining full and transparent communication and a positive working relationship with the Executive Editor and Journal staff;
Ensuring that his or her conduct conforms to the highest standards of professional conduct and scientific integrity, is consistent with all applicable laws and regulations, thus reflecting positively on Gazettes, and promoting the same standards of conduct among other members of the Editorial team;
Working with the Associate Editor to provide exemplary service during the peer review process to authors, reviewers and Editorial team members;
Creating and leading an Editorial team and providing for delegation of responsibility and authority as appropriate;
Arranging appropriate, timely, and efficient peer review procedures for the contributions submitted for publication in the Journal, and utilizing the manuscript tracking system provided by Gazettes;
Receiving, evaluating, and selecting the content submitted for publication in the Journal;
Developing and implementing improvements and promptly responding to communications regarding the Journal;
Participating in the suggestion and selection process for potential future authors and members along with the Executive Editor, Executive Vice President and Managing Director;
Implementing and enforcing a clear and transparent conflict of interest policy for the Executive Editor, Associate Editor, Editorial team and manuscript reviewers, including securing from all members of the Editorial team annual conflict of interest disclosures and submitting his or her own conflict of interest statement annually to the Managing Director of Gazettes;
Preparing an annual or semi-annual report to Gazettes' Board of Directors, showing the acceptance rate, rate of submission, origin of submitted and accepted papers, time lag to first decision and final decision, and other statistics that will indicate the health of the Journal;
Cooperating with and being responsive to oversight from the Gazettes' Board regarding Journal operations that impact Gazettes as whole and the Board’s fiduciary, legal, and regulatory obligations.
A competitive candidate is usually a well-published scientist with considerable relevant research. We will make exceptions for ambitious young researchers who have published in the likes of Nature, Science, PLOS, PNAS, Cell, IEEE, The Royal Society. A doctorate degree is required. Prior experience as an Editor, Associate Editor, or Editorial Board Member of one or more scientific journals is preferred. The candidate must have foresight and scientific judgment, and be able to dedicate max 20 hours per week on editorial responsibilities.
Gazettes is international and inclusive, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation or gender identity. Gazettes collects and processes personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. For any questions please send an email to
Job ID: 106114. Documents required for application are CV, cover letter, transcripts, diplomas/certificates, contact information of 2 referees, supplemental information if any. The job will remain open until filled.
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