In order to make the process simple for authors, Gazettes accepts unformatted initial submissions in Word, PDF, or RTF. However, we encourage authors to read the formatting guidelines below and to see how our reviewers and editors prefer to receive. Once an article is accepted for publication the manuscript must be formatted and submitted in Word, not PDF or RTF, with the source files of all figures and tables.

Gazettes requires 2 separate manuscripts to be submitted. One must be formatted for the selected Journal, and the other for the biannual print issue. Note that biannual print issues only feature curated articles.

For the Journal, please include a title, an abstract, keywords, an introduction, main text containing background, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions, end text containing acknowledgements, author names, author affiliations, author contributions, ethics statement, competing interest declaration, data information, and funding information, references, figures, tables, supplementary information.

For print, manuscript must start with a fully referenced short summary section, separate from the main text without numbers, abbreviations, acronyms or measurements. This is for general readers and should contain few sentences of elementary introduction, brief rationale of the work, statement of the major conclusions beginning with "we show that" or similar, and main findings stated in a general tone. The main text with references, figures and tables should not exceed 6 pages.


Gazettes accepts submission in American English and SI units only. Please use abbreviations only when necessary and define in the first instance. Each reference must appear in the Gazettes citation style and contain the following as applicable: author last names with initials, title of paper or book, Journal name using standard abbreviation, volume number, book publisher and location, first and last page numbers or article number, year of publication, Digital Object Identifier. The documents should be single-spaced and contain page and line numbers to expedite the review process. Please use a sans serif 11-point font.


Please suggest a long title not exceeding 100 characters and a short title not exceeding 50 characters. The long title should be sufficiently detailed for good indexing and search results but be general enough to allow readers outside the domain to appreciate the content. The short title should describe the topic.

The abstract, not exceeding 250 words, should be a concise and informative standalone piece. It should not contain references, and abbreviations or acronyms are best avoided. The general scope of the article, the techniques used without the methodological details, and the most important results and conclusions should be summarized here. We suggest including important search terms for good discoverability. Please mention 4-10 keywords that are neither too general nor too specific. The introduction describing the significance of the research must be fully referenced and not exceed 400 words. For print, we only require a summary section.


The main text or body should be split into clearly-labelled sections, usually background, methods, results, discussion and conclusions. The background should provide sufficient context for the significance of the experimental results to be clear. Scientific jargons should be defined. The methods section should be brief but contain all the necessary details for interpretation and replication of results. Please provide specific details of the materials used. For initial submission, please incorporate figures and tables into the manuscript file at appropriate locations. LaTex files are allowed later if accepted for publication. Note the permitted length of maximum 3000 words or 6 pages for print, whichever limit is reached first.


Please list all author names separated by commas in order of authorship. Equal contribution should be indicated using an unique superscripted symbol such as †. The author names should appear exactly as indexed in official archives. Corresponding affiliations should be stated using superscripted numerals next to the authors' names. Note that Gazettes lists affiliations starting with organization, followed by city, country, institute, department, laboratory. Please double-check for errors and enter the names and affiliations exactly as asked. State all affiliations in the manuscript in case of multiple affiliations. In our submission portal, enter only the primary or preferred affiliation.

The submitting author is considered as the corresponding author, the primary contact for all communication and the only one able to access the manuscript in our submission portal during editorial consideration.

For submissions with more than one author, specific contribution of each author must be stated using either contributor roles taxonomy (CRediT), or the preferred, Gazettes role allocation methodology (GRAM).

Gazettes does not require separate ethics statement and competing interest declaration. Please check appropriate boxes in our submission portal and prepare the necessary forms for uploading along with the manuscript.

Primary data if reported must mention where and how the supporting data, materials and code can be accessed. If this is an external repository, for example, the database, accession number, and other relevant details must be specified. To comply with good scientific practices please cite all datasets and code. If you are including the data as supplementary information, please state so.

Please list the funding sources for each author or the common funding for the group or project.


References to the cited literature will be listed in the order of their appearance at the end of the article.

Figures and tables must be numbered and referred to. These must be accompanied by appropriate captions in the manuscript, and include relevant copyright information. If accepted, tables must be editable and figures should be uploaded as a single .zip file. Please provide high resolution images wherever possible, preferably in JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF format. For TeX/LaTeX-coded figures, please convert to PS or EPS. Note that the Journals will publish all figures in color, while the biannual print will contain black and white versions.

Data of secondary importance, or data which cannot be included either because of the size or because of the format, such as presentations and videos, can be zipped and uploaded in the submission portal. Supplementary information is not edited by Gazettes and must be thoroughly checked before submitting.